Cake Festival 2016

20160611_150910The Cake Festival 2016 was an awesome event that drew in multitudes of people that were up to the promise of all you can eat cake. It was a lovely sunny afternoon day that saw the atmosphere burst with excitement, color fun and lots of cake! And when I say lots of cake I mean LOTS OF CAKE!! All flavours from the usual chocolate, vanilla to the unusual Zuchinni and even kale. See how it all went down.


From the gate you could see all the excitement as kids and adults alike tripped in to have a taste of the yummy cakes showcased by different bakery houses, colleges, supermarkets and even companies that sold food stuff. It was well organised as people qued on the various stands to be served cake. This was my first time attending such an even and I just say I was pretty impressed. Kudos to the organizers and participants. I will leave you with colors and faces of this year’s Cake Festival 2016.


Loved all the flavours, music and food stands that made the day just perfect and lovely. All in all it was a day I truly enjoyed.










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