Hey Loves,

I am a poet, writer, aspiring author, obsessed with ice cream and I love cats. I write because I can’t stop writing. All these thoughts, feeling, emotions, conflicts, fantasies need an outlet lest my mental capacity shuts down. If I didn’t write I would still write because that’s what I do. Write. Life is always built around events and things that happen around us whether you     understand them or not.

I read a lot too so that must have something to do with why I write a lot. Reading calms me, it’s my sort of private therapy. I read everything really, from novels, to magazines, to the worldwide web…do brochures count? Yeah that’s how much I read and I’m not biased against any genre fiction, biography, self-help, and the works! As long as my hands can get a hold on it, I’m down perusing through the pages.

I love to cook too. And eat. What I cook. You’d find me perusing recipe sites, cooking channels, my all-time favorite cooking shows would be Master Chef, Hell’s Kitchen, Cake Boss, Royco Fuata Flavor, My Kitchen Rules…etc. As you can see cooking for me is bordering on obsession but, I love it!

I love art, anything from sculptures, paintings, metal work, drawings even photography. Art takes me to a different world. A world of creativity where nothing is impossible. I love that sometimes you don’t understand the art but it speaks to you. I want to visit famous museums in the world and see the world’s greatest artists. Rome would be my dream come true because they have such a rich culture and art that’s just breathtaking. Valid Dream.

I enjoy intimate conversations I kind of don’t like too large a crowd, I like those one on one talks where you get to catch the most out of those conversations. I do enjoy people’s company and I’d like to think that I’ m interesting enough to hold your attention.

So welcome to my blog, hope you get to learn, laugh, love even hate, I just write because if I stop, then I’m literally speaking; dead, so keep me alive by leaving your reaction…good, bad, ugly, epic, all your thoughts will be embraced and the necessary action taken. Life’s a journey to be enjoyed so as you walk through my space, let’s have that conversation that will make life worthwhile. Let’s experience life, fashion, love, together.

Munch Love